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Andrew appears in the new James Bond: Spectre trailer at 2:15
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'Sherlock' star Andrew Scott: Behind the Scenes on his 'Attitude' cover shoot
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Andrew Scott and Dominic Cooper in Angels in America

One scene from Angels in America performed by Andrew Scott and Dominic Cooper for The National Theatre's 50th celebration.
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Birthday Message from Andrew Scott, October 21. 2013
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Andrew Scott talks about Sherlock, Doctor Who rumors, and upcoming projects
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Congrats to Andrew for winning the IFTA for Best Supporting Actor for playing Jim Moriarty on Sherlock.
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IdeasTap interview with Andrew Scott

The star of television, theatre and film joined a group of lucky IdeasTap members for a brilliant audition masterclass. Here he speaks about coping with rejection, working with directors and why not to over prepare.
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Andrew Scott playing Malcom from Macbeth in Simon Schama's Shakespeare- Hollow Crowns.
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Here's Andrew Scott as Richard Duke of Gloucester from Simon Schama's Shakespeare- This England

I think he might actually be creepier in that clip than he is playing Moriarty.
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The filmmakers have put the film up to watch/download for a small fee, here
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Rapport Creative have put up a preview video of Sea Wall here.

It feels so natural and so... Andrew.  I emailed it to my mum, since she's always saying, "He plays all these characters but what's he really like?" I said in my email that's he's just like that, only more hyper ;)

I remember reading an interview with him about this play and being annoyed that I'd missed it - I think I was living in London at the time so if I'd known, I could have seen it. Now I can't wait for the chance to see the film version!
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Sadly there isn't any Andrew in this small clip, but at least we know it's going to be coming out soon.


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