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Happy 36th Birthday, Andrew!

Andrew will also be one of the guests of Mark Gatiss' The Game is On - AN AFTERNOON WITH MARK GATISS & FRIENDS on November 11. Other guests are Loo Brealey, Una Stubbs, Rubert Graves, Martin Freeman and Steven Moffat with Sue Vertue.
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IdeasTap interview with Andrew Scott

The star of television, theatre and film joined a group of lucky IdeasTap members for a brilliant audition masterclass. Here he speaks about coping with rejection, working with directors and why not to over prepare.
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An unusual tale of mistaken identity based upon the novel by Daphne de Maurier, The Scapegoat stars Matthew Rhys as a man who encounters his doppelganger and unwillingly trades places with him, leading to a completely different life with his double's family, including Andrew Scott, Eileen Atkins, Sheridan Smith and Jodhi May. The film was first broadcast on Sunday September 9 2012, and is now available on DVD in the UK.

It's a very tricky thing to attempt to tell a story whose very beginning could be construed as ridiculous if badly handled, but the new adaptation of The Scapegoat manages this trick with relative ease, despite a few close shaves. Much of the success of the production can be laid at the feet of the cast, all bringing a gravity to proceedings that enable the film to stay on the right side of absurdity.

Read the rest @ Sherlockology
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Sorry I've neglected this community. I'm looking for some new mods and possibly someone who I can hand over ownership of the comm to.

Also if you have any ideas for the comm or anything you want to see, let me know.


Aug. 29th, 2012 12:54 pm
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Episode 1.03

185 animated icons
051 Gifs


more here @[livejournal.com profile] rolliraserin
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Andrew Scott playing Malcom from Macbeth in Simon Schama's Shakespeare- Hollow Crowns.
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New Andrew Scott interview (with a couple of pictures) under the cut
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Here's Andrew Scott as Richard Duke of Gloucester from Simon Schama's Shakespeare- This England

I think he might actually be creepier in that clip than he is playing Moriarty.


Jun. 17th, 2012 10:54 pm
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In case you didn't know, James Joyce's Ulysses, featuring Andrew Scott is currently available for download FOR FREE over on BBC Radio 4's podcast website here.
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There's a rather nice shot of Andrew along with a blurb about his upcoming projects from a photo article of BAFTA nominees.

image and blurb under the cut (spoiler for Sherlock 203)
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385 icons of Andrew Scott in My Life in Film
2 profile graphics of Andrew Scott

+MORE @ [livejournal.com profile] citadel_icons
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A group called 'Help For Heroes' was coming to the MotorCity Comic Con and that they do custom piggy banks decorated as superheroes or cartoon characters to raise money to help fight cancer. Their facebook is here.

I ordered a couple of superhero pigs to be picked up at the convention over the weekend and then I asked if I could get a very specific custom pig done. I wanted a Moriarty. I included a couple of the promo shots of Moriarty from Season 2.

They said no problem and that the pictures I sent were perfect.

I had no idea what the end result was going to look like until I picked up the banks.

Moriarty piggy bank under the cut.
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Andrew talking about being nominated for a BAFTA
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Hi everyone!

We are fans of BBC “Sherlock’s” Jim Moriarty. In the event that the writers of the show do not bring him back, we want to host a community where the character can continue on forever through fan fiction and fan art. All submissions welcome! We will be posting monthly prompts. We also exist on Tumblr and would love to see many of you join us in one or both platform!

(I hope I am doing this right!)
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It's a WIP (fanfiction) and I really need help since this is my first, long BBC Sherlock piece.

Pairing, title, etc )

Thank you in advance
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Sue Vertue tweeted this picture: http://pic.twitter.com/nserRbKK

A few  chums out for a Chinese last Sunday.

source: http://twitter.com/#!/suevertue/

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Originally from Private White VC's twitter

Another one is from Private White VC's facebook (click)


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